Sparkle has officially been vindicated! After 20 years of advocating for her niece, black girls and women who’ve encountered sexual abuse, Sparkle is now publicly recognized as a hero of epic proportions!

Her advocacy attributed her some substantial losses in the form of a musical career and communications with her immediate family. However, after enduring such losses, Sparkle’s overall outlook on life may be a bit more optimistic after the federal conviction of her former musical mentor R. Kelly (in September 2021), which she was the first to speak out against him. While R. Kelly is the person that started Sparkle’s professional music career, he is also her reason she advocates for girls (and women). The world accredits her as the foundational piece that led to Kelly’s conviction! Mainstream media and Dream Hampton, the executive producer and show runner of Lifetime network’s Surviving R. Kelly, which Sparkle featured in, have echoed these sentiments.

In an interview with The Cut’s Angelina Chapin, Sparkle reportedly broke down crying as news broke on Kelly’s conviction. Those tears shed were likely from a series of emotions, all of which have been suppressed for the past 20 years. Sparkle’s tears represent years of scrutiny and sacrifice.. A mentor and close friend that became a worst enemy.. And the realization that after 20 years and a conviction, she still deals with the impact from Kelly’s actions in regards to her family. That being said, if anyone has the ability to see this thing through.. it’s Sparkle!

While going through her self described obstacle course life she’s living, Sparkle appears to be whole. It could be her poker face, but should you be fortunate enough to hear her speak candidly on this issue, she comes across as stern as she is elegant! Well spoken, but appropriate frustrations (for obvious reasons) still meet up for many of her conversations. Sparkle speaks as if the abused girls and women are with her at all times. This is a good thing! Sparkle say’s, “its sooooo much more work to be done!” and she appears not to allow anyone within the sound of her voice to forget it.

Positive embrace is something that Sparkle hasn’t encountered in years.. At least not publicly. Well that’s definitely changing. With the mass public now celebrating Sparkle’s heroism for standing for what she believes in for so many years (even without the support of family), nothing has been more gratifying to her than seeing Black America galvanize with her publicly. This was displayed on a massive level when Ebony Magazine relaunched in 2021 with the Ebony Power 100 gala and invited and acknowledged Sparkle for her bravery. Sparkle, who rarely makes appearances, dropped jaws from attendees to Ebony Executives.. All of which paid homage!

Music is again a priority for Sparkle. Aside from music being her genuine first love, she also sees music as a way of speaking to girls and women she doesn’t have direct access to. Her life inspired ‘Obstacle Course’ EP will drop in the first quarter of 2022.. Sparkle promises. Sparkle definitely has something to say in music and in real life. I’m certain in saying, the next time Sparkle speaks on anything.. The world will likely take heed.