Sparkle, the validating voice of Lifetime’s culturally defining moment and ratings shattering documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, has made ‘Easy’ the first official single from her upcoming EP “Obstacle Course.”

’Easy’ is not the first music being heard from Obstacle Course. Sparkle’s empowerment anthem ’We Are Ready’ produced by the late Lashawn “Big Shiz” Daniels is also on the upcoming EP. ‘We Are Ready’ was featured and released in conjunction with the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary in an effort to raise awareness of abuse towards underage girls and women of color. The EP’s title “Obstacle Course” is what Sparkle calls “the best description of what life has been like for me since I first used my voice to stand against an abuser.” Also, losing Lashawn, the co-executive producer of the project was a tremendous obstacle to overcome, both musically and personally.

Obstacle Course is Sparkle’s most personal project yet. The single ‘Easy’ is a song that Sparkle made to honor the loving support system that has held her down like “anchors fighting the waves” throughout this life she calls an obstacle course. On Obstacle Course, listeners will hear Sparkle’s inner desire to mend fences with members of her estranged family in ‘Open Letter’ and her feelings about societal abandonment towards victims of abuse in the ’Shutters’ track. The entire Obstacle Course EP, scheduled for winter-spring/2021 release, should surely have listeners’ undivided attention with such intimate thoughts over music. That being said, Sparkle assures everyone that this project isn’t one that is somber or sad. As a matter of fact, Sparkle declares, “It’s the opposite!” Sparkle genuinely appears to be in a space of complete confidence knowing she’s done as she says, “the right thing in real-time.” Sparkle promises not to deviate from the position of motivating those that society seems to have disregarded because of ethnicity or cultural upbringing and hopes to motivate anyone else that comes across this project that might need inspiring.