Sparkle declares “W.A.R.” for all women and gives insight to life’s journey she

calls “Obstacle Course”, that she continues to navigate.

Sparkle, a/k/a the #VoiceOfReason’s new single “We Are Ready"  (W.A.R.)  encompasses a mindset that

women of all ethnicities should be proud to adopt. While Sparkle’s new single speaks for

all, it speaks of the subtle misfortune that women of color have not been appropriately

embraced as part of the #METOO movement, by way of her life’s story. Sparkle’s

perspective and all too real story regarding her estranged and embattled former mentor

R. Kelly will be featured in the Lifetime Network’s highly anticipated documentary,

Surviving R. Kelly, set to air early January 2019.

Once a part of R. Kelly’s production team, Sparkle was the face and talent that helped

launch Kelly’s Rockland Records imprint. The business union came to a screeching halt

after Kelly’s insecurities attempted to supervise Sparkle beyond the recording studio.

The years aside one another proved to be fruitful for both Kelly and Sparkle. Sparkle,

obtained writing methods, performance and studio techniques, while Kelly utilized

Sparkle’s pitch perfect voice to reference songs that ultimately landed under Toni

Braxton, Mary J. Blige, and most notably Aaliyah.

The certified platinum self-titled project from Sparkle launched Rockland Records with

the #1 single “Be Careful”, a duet with Kelly and soulful outlook on an urban relationship

and blended family that speaks true even today. The single held #1 position for 6

consecutive weeks on Billboard.

Discomforts of Kelly attempting to produce in Sparkle’s personal life would eventually

have her to ask for a release from Kelly and his label. Kelly

put up a fight as only he could, however, Sparkle’s persistence would eventually cause

him to cave and grant the requested release from he and his imprint. The two former

colleagues remained friends until it was rumored that Kelly had inappropriate behavior

with Sparkle’s underage niece and a video would eventually surface to support the


Sparkle, dubbed the #VoiceOfReason because due to her stance against former mentor

R. Kelly and portions of her own family. Sparkle’s endurance, resilience, and sacrifice is

admirable, yet she gives all credit and thanks to God for ordering her steps through her

life or “Obstacle Course”, which she’s named the upcoming music project set for release

spring/summer 2019. The return of Sparkle’s voice is in perfect timing. Musically, she

hasn’t missed a beat, but her voice for the voiceless is now clearer than ever. Morally,

the masses have finally moved in the same neighborhood that Sparkle’s standards have

lived in all along. The #METOO movement is finally getting done what Sparkle had

attempted to do for years, assuring victimized or voiceless females will be heard and


In Sparkle’s single “We Are Ready", Sparkle notes.. “Before it was #METOO, it was just #Me!”


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